Josh Gavin 


Graduate Student (2020)


Hi all! I'm Josh Gavin, a native Minnesotan which gives me 50% resistance to frost damage (yes, I wore this same fall jacket through winter) but also lowers my Speech trait by 20% (ope). I've spent time volunteering with Chemists-in-the-Library and SciMentors, and donating blood and platelets. I went to a small liberal arts college called St. John's University, up the road in central MN. I love me a good MN brewery, rooftop dining in the summer, and concerts at the Minnesota Orchestra (virtually even). I also play the euphonium, and spent my first year at UMN playing with the university band. 


Publications Outside the Group

Publications in the Roberts Group

Radical-Polar Crossover Catalysis with a d0 Metal Enabled by a Redox-Active Ligand

Joshua T. Gavin ǂ, Roman G. Belli ǂ, Courtney C. Roberts*

ǂ Contributed equally

Rethinking Graduate Recruitment Weekends in the Digital Age

Joshua T. Gavin ǂ, Allen G. Nguyen ǂ, Erin E. Plasek ǂ, Stephanie M. Stathopoulos, Philippe Bühlmann, Ian A. Tonks*, and Courtney C. Roberts*

ǂ Contributed equally

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Ph.D. Candidate

(Since 2021/01/18)