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At the Roberts Group, we use inorganic and organometallic chemistry to solve fundamental problems in organic chemistry.

Our main focuses include:

The Group

At the Roberts Group, we don't accept the excuse "it's always been done that way."
We celebrate our diversity, and we fight to make science more inclusive.

Recent Publications

Nickel Binding Enables Isolation and Reactivity of Previously Inaccessible 7-Aza-2,3-indolynes

Jenna N. Humke ǂ, Roman G. Belli ǂ, Erin E. Plasek ǂ, Sallu S. Kargbo, Annabel Q. Ansel, Courtney C. Roberts* 

ǂ Contributed equally

Ligand-Controlled Regioinduction in a PHOX-Ni Aryne Complex

Alexander Umanzor, Nicholas A. Garcia, Courtney C. Roberts*

Special Issue - 2023 Rising Stars in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

ACS Org. Inorg. Au Most Read Articles of 2023

Insights into the Regioselectivity of Metal-Catalyzed Aryne Reactions

Erin E. Plasek ǂ, Brylon N. Denman ǂ, Courtney C. Roberts*

ǂ Contributed equally

Recent News

[07/18] Congratulations to Sal Kargbo for being awarded the Departmental 4th Year Excellence Fellowship!

[07/15] Our postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Roman Belli, leaves us after four years in the Roberts Group. He is headed to the University of Winnipeg as an assistant professor!

[06/26] Congrats to Dr. Jenna Humke, PhD for defending her dissertation! Jenna is headed to Cambrex in August! (Ph.D. #3)

[06/07] Congrats to Sal Kargbo for winning the best talk award at the Graduate Student Research Symposium!

[04/25] Our first Science paper on access to inaccessible arynes is live! Check it out here

[04/25] Congrats to Chris Seong for being selected for the ACS DOC GRS!

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