Victoria (Tori) Tafuri 


Graduate Student (2020)


Hi I'm Tori and I'm originally from Southern California. I got my B.S. in Chemistry from San Jose State University where I worked under Dr. Madalyn Radlauer on inorganic catalysis. Some fun facts about me: I love painting my nails, watching Bob's Burgers, and I have a dog that I love a whole lot! 

Publications in the Roberts Group

One and Two-Electron Redox Catalysis with Lutetium Enabled by a Tris(Amido) Redox-Active Ligand 

Roman G. Belli, Victoria C. Tafuri ǂ, Nicholas A. Garcia ǂ, Courtney C. Roberts*

ǂ Contributed equally

Special Issue - Early Transition Metals in Organometallic Chemistry 

d0 Metal-Catalyzed Alkyl–Alkyl Cross Coupling Enabled by a Redox-Active Ligand

Roman G. Belli, Victoria, C. Tafuri, Matthew V. Joannou, Courtney C. Roberts*

Ph.D. Candidate

(Since 2022/01/31)