Alex Umanzor 


Graduate Student (2020)


Hi, everyone! I’m Alex. I’m originally from Long Island, NY, and I earned my B.S. in chemistry from UCLA. During my time on the best coast, I worked in the Spokoyny and Houk groups, and was also a member of AXΣ, the professional chemistry fraternity ⌬. Aside from chemistry, I love exploring restaurants & bars, going to the mall, and event planning! During the pandemic, however, I’ve been having more Zoom nights with friends, watching reality TV/novelas/K-dramas, and occasionally playing my violin, Snow. I also serve on the departmental DEI committee on grad student diversity training & inclusive classrooms!


Publications Outside the Group

Publications in the Roberts Group

Ligand-Controlled Regioinduction in a PHOX-Ni Aryne Complex

Alexander Umanzor, Nicholas A. Garcia, Courtney C. Roberts*

Special Issue - 2023 Rising Stars in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

ACS Org. Inorg. Au Most Read Articles of 2023

Ph.D. Candidate

(Since 2022/01/24)