Sallu (Sal) Kargbo


Graduate Student (2021)


Hi! My name is Sallu (Sal) Kargbo. I am from Davenport, Iowa and have a B.A. in chemistry from Grinnell College. During my time at Grinnell I played football and worked as an undergraduate researcher for Professor Stephen Sieck. Outside of chemistry I enjoy sports (both watching and playing), video games and chess. 


Publications in the Roberts Group

Nickel Binding Enables Isolation and Reactivity of Previously Inaccessible 7-Aza-2,3-indolynes

Jenna N. Humke ǂ, Roman G. Belli ǂ, Erin E. Plasek ǂ, Sallu S. Kargbo, Annabel Q. Ansel, Courtney C. Roberts* 

ǂ Contributed equally

Ph.D. Candidate

(Since 2022/11/16)